Budgie eating millet-1-

A parakeet eating millet.

If you had had to eat the same thing everyday you would probably go insane! It's the same with you little pal. Besides, parakeets aren't really seed eaters- they eat wheat. Your parakeet should eat a variety of foods but make sure what you feed them is not toxic to them. On the Top 10 Toxic Foods, you can see what foods are harmful to our little friends. Whatever is "Junk Food" to humans is junk food to parakeets as well. Their diet should include 25% pellets, 25% seeds, and 50% of fruits, veggies. and wheat. Try expirimenting with different kinds of foods and find out your parakeet's favorite. It may take some time to get you parakeet eat something different. If they refuse to eat new stuff, try chopping it and mixing it in to their food bowls, attaching it to their favorite toys, and taping it next to a perch so they can nibble it. It may take some time, but your parakeet will start realizing that there are alot of delicious foods besides seeds. Good luck!